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M2W Travel has partnered with Honeyfund.com to offer couples a way to have guest contribute monetary gifts towards their dream honeymoon.


A Honeymoon Registry is a wonderful addition for couples to add to their traditional registry list or an ideal alternative for couples who are blessed with already having the “essentials” items needed to start a home.


A honeymoon is a memory that will last a lifetime!


How Does It Work?

Our partnership with Honeyfund makes creating a Honeymoon Registry a breeze.

  • Unlimited gift items
  • Your own Honeymoon Registry website
  • Email and social media sharing, web and print announcements
  • Gifts always paid directly to you, offline or via PayPal or WePay.
  • Gift and thank-you tracking


Creating your Honeymoon Registry

With a few simple steps you are on your way to your dream honeymoon.

  • Discuss and plan your dream honeymoon with one of M2W Travel’s experience travel agents
  • Decide on a design package for your Honeymoon Regjstry website and start adding items to your registry.
  • Even include non-honeymoon items-anything you want.
  • Add links to your traditional registries, so guests have a choice.


Tell your Guests

It’s simple and easy.

  • Tasteful, printable insert cards
  • Email, Web, Facebook and Twitter links
  • Carefully researched wedding and gift etiquette info


Receive gifts

With our Honeymoon Registry powered by Honeyfund, your Honeymoon becomes reality.

  • Offline gifts of cash or checks have no fees attached.
  • Credit card payments processed via WePay have a 2.8% + $0.30 fee accessed.
  • Credit card payments processed via PayPal have a 2.9% +$0.30 fee accessed.


Track gifts

Information at your fingertips.

  • View gifts you’ve received.
  • Keep track of thank-you notes you’ve sent.
  • Manage all your wedding gifts.



Wedding Registry powered by Honeyfund

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